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 Fable 2 Achivement Guide

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Fable 2 Achivement Guide Empty
PostSubject: Fable 2 Achivement Guide   Fable 2 Achivement Guide EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 2:48 pm

The Colourist: Still having troubles with it, but here we go.

The last color:

First off you need to enter the Colosseum Model, but dont start the game yet.

Go to your right, at the wall theres a "Spyglass" looking at the wall. Stand next to it, and aim where its aiming.
You will see that its looking on one of the devils. Shoot the devil its aiming on, if nothing happens try aiming on
the devil next to it.

If you have done it correctly you will now get a Teddy Bear. Now theres only 2 more bears. (Wizard Teddy)

The next bear is also located in a puzzle, theres a door almost next to the Spyglass. The door has 2 candlesticks
next to it, shoot both with an fire bolt. Then the door will open, and a Teddy bear will sit on a throne. (King Teddy)

Now for the hard part:

Now start the fighting in the Colosseum. The trick to unlock the last bear is to get 1985 points, during the game.
This is really hard, but start off by killing all things, DONT use any multipliers.

When you get to balvariens start to slow down a bit. When bandits start to spawn, kill all the other ones.
Dont kill the bandits yet!

When you have killed every other thing other then bandits, ill recommend to save the game.

You'll probably have an uneven number, try too kills some small bandits until you get 5 or 0 in the last number.
Its optimal to get to 85 as last.

Middle-sized bandits 25 points
Large-sided bandits 30 points

The tricky part is to seperate the Small bandits from the Middle ones. Large bandits are easier to spot since they have
reindeer horns.

Using the "Time Controll" spell will help you alot when choosing the target to kill.

If you eventually get 1985, stop on it for a bit. Then youll get a "Teddy bonus", grab the teddy bear and start killing and
use the multipliers.

When you have all 3 Teddy bears, you'll get Strawberry Blone Dye. Its probably the last of the dyes to get.

Good luck, you'll need it.
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Fable 2 Achivement Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fable 2 Achivement Guide   Fable 2 Achivement Guide EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 3:42 pm

i have uploaded a the full walkthrough to megaupload, i dont know if is working. if it doesnt work tell me.

after you type in the code click regular download 4SO8KG1C
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Fable 2 Achivement Guide
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