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 Announcement: Car News Thread

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Four Star General (Moderator)

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Announcement: Car News Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Announcement: Car News Thread   Announcement: Car News Thread EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 12:18 pm

C_Panda wrote:
Master_Chief wrote:
C_Panda wrote:
The 360 controlller is better. The PS3 controller feels cheap, but the only thing good about it is the D-Pad, nothing else really.
I agree. And the PS3 controller is abysmal for FPS especially when you have big hands like me. lol
Lol. The ps3 controller is made for small girly Asian hands.

Probally.Sony is an japanese company so it makes sense to make it smaller for asain hands.
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Captain Emp
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Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer
Captain Emp

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Announcement: Car News Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Announcement: Car News Thread   Announcement: Car News Thread EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 12:00 pm

Good news for Porsche Fans:
Announcement: Car News Thread 44200310
Announcement: Car News Thread 43033010
new porsche cayenne has been released. the old cayenne was a great Sports SUV: it looked quite bad, but had the porsche DNA: it was really fast, and it handled like a dream (for an SUV)

with the new one, i'll guess that it's even faster and even better to drive. I can confirm, however, that the aesthetical issues have been fixed. The new Cayenne looks quite good.
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Announcement: Car News Thread
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