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 Little Big Planet 2

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PostSubject: Re: Little Big Planet 2   Little Big Planet 2 - Page 4 EmptySat Jun 05, 2010 5:49 pm

TheJester wrote:
Why are we talking about Halo on here? Jesus.

Opinions, you guys. God damn. I think Halo's mediocre in general. Who cares? It's not my style of game and I don't care about the story. Is this relevant to anything? No. Just drop the god damn subject, this is a LBP2 thread.

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Little Big Planet 2 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Little Big Planet 2   Little Big Planet 2 - Page 4 EmptySat Jun 05, 2010 6:17 pm

masterking wrote:
HellJumper wrote:
masterking wrote:
HellJumper wrote:
masterking wrote:
HellJumper wrote:
masterking wrote:
HellJumper wrote:
masterking wrote:
HellJumper wrote:
masterking wrote:
HellJumper wrote:
masterking wrote:
HellJumper wrote:
masterking wrote:
DarkSwarm85 wrote:
Halo = Sci fi / war
MGS = stealth action

Not the same thing.

i ment story aspect (as in if its a good one)

and even if you only like sci fi, you should try killzone, or resistents. Cool

Halo is a sci fi war game too.And Halo has the best story out of those games you named(this isnt my oppinion,it is an oppinion of millions of gamers,and even all of the reviews said "awesome story" when they review a Halo game.So dont try to argue back)

killzone has a more sieris story, re has a better feel to it.

btw bunge said that they put in the game play and level, then make a story. plus i dont remember ever hering a halo review were the stoy helped the game LOL

Dude,you just came out sounding very stupid

Yes,that is why both Killzone and Resistance have gotten "weak story and unmemorable characters" in there reviews while Halo gets "very deep and interesting story" in its reviews.

Killzone story just plain sucks.It is very weak.It is another generic "Faction vs Faction" war story.And every ISA character is an asshole that makes you wonder why they are the good guys.I admit,I liked Resistance story though

Halo's story is very strong.And an entire loyal fanbase composed of millions agree with me.Hell,each Halo novel has gotten "best seller" on it.

Whether you like Halo's story or not,you cant logically say its bad.It is proven to be very good.But im not saying you have to like it,that is just your oppinion

to be honest killzone and halo have very poor storys. resistance has a great atmospheric though.

Then you obviously have no idea about anything about Halo's story

LOL, i have all the halo games. and iv beat all of them. dont think ill buy reach though.

btw the thing i look for most in a game is a story. uncharted has a good story, mass effect has a good story, god of war has a good story, Halo has a very poor over rated, poorly wighten, and poorly told story.

anyway dude dorp it, halo is about gameplay, you like the gameplay stop trying to make up for the story.(btw i dont like the gameplay but i do get why it is so populer)

Judging by your comments I doubt you have all the Halo games

You either lying or you absolutly no idea about storytelling.

lol by your commen, you sound like a person who has only played halo. LOL

iv played more games then you ever will LOL

btw fps s have horrable storys to start from. try mgs, final fantacy 7, star wars knights of the old republic, mass effect, heavy rain, uncharted 2, R&C, or mario(LOL the last one is a joke) Cool

Well,you have just offically made yourself look like an idiot.Congratulations

lol, cant say anything so you aviod it al together lol!

No,I just know that argueing with an idiot wont get anywhere.I already proved to wolf that Halo has great story telling so it isnt like I cant prove it.You just an idiot(or you look like one atleast) so arguing with you will only result in you saying "Halo still has a bad story" no matter what I say

Good Day Sir

lol you sure are good at avoiding the argument, i dont know why halo fan boys have to be so stong about the story of there game. when its so bad.

Ah see,now your trying to turn this into a flame war.No sorry,im not an idiot like yourself.You seriously made yourself look lik an idiot dude.Im hoping you werent serious

"halo story's sucks" lol that is why it has attracted many authors,comic book authors and animators.That is also why every review of the game have given it a "great story" and that is also why Halo has a fanabse of millions.

Yup,you are so smart.I got owned so badly in this debate.

lol, there are books, comics and animes becase there are millions of fans, and they know alot of them are going to buy the book LOL fail (plus they are poorly wirten)

and there are fans becase it was the first good fps on consule, with good contrals. and the gamplay not story.

LOL bugie even admits that the gameplay and the levels are put togeth before the story is even thought about lol!!

Lol now I know your just messing around.
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Little Big Planet 2
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