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 PS3 Won't Detect Media Problem/fix

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PS3 Won't Detect Media Problem/fix Empty
PostSubject: PS3 Won't Detect Media Problem/fix   PS3 Won't Detect Media Problem/fix EmptyWed Jun 09, 2010 2:44 pm

I recently (5 minutes ago lol) just put in Red Dead Redemption into my PS3 and no disc thing would come up, so I tried 3 other games and they were not detected either, same with a CD and a few DVD's and Blu Ray's. I looked on Sony's website and they charge $150 for a fix. Thats bullshit, if I got pay that much I would save and get a new PS3. So I looked up a few things then I remembered this video a friend showed me of the PS3's secret menu, where you can rebuild your data base, file system, ect. So I looked up the video that shows how to get into it and rebuilt my file system, it said it was corrupt so it rebuilt. And just like that it works again. Pay $150 for a fix or new system? Fuck you Sony, just use this menu and it will fix pretty much all problems with your PS3, and this one it fixed for me is a pretty major problem.