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 Bands You Hated But Now Like

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PostSubject: Re: Bands You Hated But Now Like   Bands You Hated But Now Like - Page 3 EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 2:26 pm

TRF wrote:
DemonWolf wrote:
TRF, sorry but... fail. Razz

Black Sabbath are considered metal. Hell, even Led Zeppelin, some of their songs are considered metal.
A7X are of a similar style but slightly heavier.

Btw Pantera are f*cking awesome but Walk is a shite song.

Message In Blood, Cemetery Gates, Rise, Hollow = Epic
"Walk" > "Message in Blood" ; but I do agree that Cemetery Gates is awesome. I also love "Domination" and "Cowboys from Hell".

Walk's only good the first 5 or 6 times you hear it. Then it's like very meh.

Message In Blood is AWESOME!!!!
Very Happy Those high pitched screams are amazing!
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Bands You Hated But Now Like
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