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 MLD Archives #6: All things Halo

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MLD Archives #6: All things Halo Empty
PostSubject: MLD Archives #6: All things Halo   MLD Archives #6: All things Halo EmptyWed Sep 29, 2010 3:02 am

Halo is truly a franchise that's special and has a lot of things going for it. Nobody would have known that the first game in 2001 would be such a success. Microsoft truly has their jewel for the crown of their gaming empire, and I don't think they will ever give it away. This archive will be a long and detailed description of the Halo franchise and what it represents today.

There are few franchises in history that have such a diverse fanbase as Halo. Usually fanbases are a specific demographic (age, sex) and psychographic (interests, hobbies) but you can't say that about Halo. Halo fans span:

1 Kids who just like to play videogames.
2. Teens (spanning "nerds" to "jocks") looking for a great online game and something to play with their friends.
3. Grown adults who play Halo multiplayer very competitively (Halo is MLG).
3. Sci-fi gaming fans who go to Halo for the futuristic guns/settings/story; basically gameplay that you wouldnt find in a "modern" based shooter.
4. Sci-fi fans in general. This also applies to those that read (graphic novels and novels).
5. Editors (who use Halo for machinima).

As you can see this simplistic generalization sums up the diversity of the Halo fanbase. If you put them all in one room, they might not all get along as the fanbases of other popular franchises. That's because to make a truly great IP, you have to make it accessable. Halo does this in spades as it manages to perform the miracle of attracting so many different audiences without cheapening what Halo is to do so.

Next I would like to address the popularity of Halo. Halo is undoubtedly a popular gaming franchise, but the brand moved beyond that medium years ago. Halo is nothing short of a pop culture icon. It is mentioned in talk shows (Colbert Report) and comedy acts (Mad TV). Halo has a vast variety of action figures and Mega Blocks branded merchandise. There is a Halo version of the boardgame RISK. There was a Halo themed wedding for two people who met over Halo 3 matchmaking. There is Halo clothing, posters, and other Halo branded fashion accessories. There are Halo cosplayers at conventions and Master Chief children/adult costumes for Halloween. At this point Halo is almost common knowledge; anybody knows what Halo is in some shape or another, even if they have no interest in it.

Speaking of Halo as a pop culture icon, we can't forget the internet as a source of generating pop culture. The internet has done wonders to the Halo brand and has made it a pop culture hit on the web to millions of web users. Heres some examples of fan made Halo creations. Some is flash based, and some is machinima, used with Halo's Forge mode off course.

My personal favourite is this one below. Kinda sums up the point of this whole archive and my view on Halo.