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 Medal of Honor (Old) Review

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PostSubject: Medal of Honor (Old) Review   Medal of Honor (Old) Review EmptyFri Oct 15, 2010 9:14 pm

Do you like World War 2 shooters? You ever wondered what game really started out the whole WW2 movement which we would later on have games like Brothers In Arms or Call of Duty? It's all because of this game right that created the Medal of Honor series which is credited to be the founder of WW2 FPS shooters from gamers. It's an amazing game from start to finish and although it is dated, masterpieces will always be needed to play no matter how old or new they are. Back in the days, Sony needed a game like Goldeneye and this was basically their answer to Goldeneye. Although the Goldeneye lovers were pretty much addicted to their Goldeneye, but some people had the chance to try out this game and it's considered to be the best first-person shooter on the Sony's Playstation.

Story is set in WW2. You play as Jimmy Patterson. This lone-wolf type of soldier guy who basically doesn't need anybody to back him up when he's in a firefight because he's that skilled. He doesn't really say anything so you can say he's like Gordon Freeman, but all you should know he has a reputation of combat and knowledge in general. The whole story is based on the objectives. You're at war with the Germans and you''re sneaking around their bases to help your nation to win the war with ease.

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Isolation, death, and fear.
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All alone with no one to handle my own.

Graphics for its time was great. It is dated by today's standards and it might hurt your eyes if you're too busy playing games like Crysis, but it was nice for its time. It really had a gritty feel to it. The sound are amazing. The music aer very enjoyable to listen and the guns, oh my...the guns sound amazing. I mean some of the guns sound better than Halo 3's weapon sound effects. It's that good! Voice acting are usually from the German soldiers, and they sound believable which really makes you feel like you're in the game.

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Rocket lawnchair!
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Scientists with pistols? Nothing on my B.A.R.!
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Fire in the hole!

Medal of Honor plays a lot like Goldeneye, but with a WW2 theme to it. You got objectives to do before beating a level, it's a corridor shooter, and you're pretty much a one man army taking down an army of soldier by your self. The weapons are all fun to use and they are all based on real life WW2 weapons like the M1 Garand or Thompson. A lot of the levels are very atmospheric and just makes you feel like you're not safe and you're in danger. There's quite a bit of variety of levels. You'll go through a couple of town in the game and then sometimes you might go in a bunker or you'll be traveling in snow. The enemies you encounter are mostly soldiers and for its time especially on consoles, the AI was great. They take cover, throw grenades at you, and sometimes will retreat if they see you on a killing spree and probably run back for reinforcement. There's quite a bit of missions to play and it might take you around 8-9 hours to finish. The game has no save points or the option to save and load, so if you die, it's all the way from the beginning again, but the game is very fair though-so no worry for frustration. For its time, the controls were really nice. It might take some time to get used if you're used to play the modern console shooters, but it's totally playable.

By next Halloween, the game will be 11 years old. If you really appreciate good first-person shooters, do your self a favor, and pick this game up. I mean, it's very cheap now on E-bay or Amazon. It was really ahead for its time, it created a movement in the genre it was that nobody would expect that it would go big, and it's probably one of the greatest PSOne games ever made. 10/10
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Medal of Honor (Old) Review
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