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Master Chief
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Petty Officer 3rd Class
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PostSubject: Re: BATTLEFIELD 3 INFO   BATTLEFIELD 3 INFO - Page 2 EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 6:50 pm

Stoney wrote:
Master Chief wrote:
Stoney wrote:
Blixtstorm wrote:
According to a person working at DICE (a friend of mine) told me that they wont release versions to the 360 or PS3 due to the requirements.
However, he can not say there wont be a version for the consoles almost like BF2 had 'BF2 Modern Combat' on the consoles.

Also other leaks shows of a up to 128 player matches with the games 2 factions. The factions according to this leak will probably be EU/US Coalition and Russia.

No console release? They could lose millions by keeping it PC only.

But that can't be, it says that there will be a Battlefield 3 Beta on the Medal of Honor Tier 1 Edition-box, for Xbox 360.

I just realised that. Wrong info Blixt. scratch

Or were you talking about something else?

No, my Medal of Honor Tier 1 Edition box says that it includes an invitation for a Beta within the next 12 months.
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