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 Fable 3 Understone Quest Pack

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Fable 3 Understone Quest Pack Empty
PostSubject: Fable 3 Understone Quest Pack   Fable 3 Understone Quest Pack EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 7:15 am

So I got the Understone Quest Pack yesterday and started of with the competition things on the ground, with the shooting range and Reavers Manor.

Now when I started "Voices" and was led down to Understone it was going fine. However now I'm in Understone and have just taken the elevator up to the guy on the speakers. I come to a room with lightning barriers on one side, and no mather what I do they wont go away.

Is it a bug? Or am I doing it wrong?
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Fable 3 Understone Quest Pack
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