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 True console exclusives numbers

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True console exclusives numbers Empty
PostSubject: True console exclusives numbers   True console exclusives numbers EmptyThu Jan 28, 2010 2:11 pm

Just 2 things of note when using a console exclusive argument in the console war.

I looked at a list of 360 games and 119 of 736 were only on the 360, just 360, not anywhere else. Only 75 of all 736 were on PC and 360, none of the 76 are part of the 119 mentioned above. As the numbers clearly show that there are more console exclusives compared of PC/360 games.

PS3 has 160 exclusive out of 558 games only on PS3. 9 were console exclusive with the PC. The site that had the list did not have a column for weather or not that the so-called "exclusive" was also on PSP as they are just as invalid as our also on PC thing. I know this because I found that two of the titles I looked at (not just two, I only looked at a few exclusives, not even 10) and they were also on the PSP, now I don't have the time to go through the entire list, but just be aware that most of their "exclusives" are also on PSP, making them invalid.

Just something for a quick number reference.

EDIT: Yes I am aware I accidentally put this in the wrong section.
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True console exclusives numbers Empty
PostSubject: Re: True console exclusives numbers   True console exclusives numbers EmptySun Feb 21, 2010 8:51 am

Put this in the console war section Razz
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True console exclusives numbers
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